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  1. Exclusive licensing agreement with the University of Chile.
  2. In the case of melanoma, two completed Phase II studies allow to treat patients in Chile in accordance with Chilean law.
  3. Patent, trade secret and trademark.
  4. Technological kit that includes therapy protocols, monitoring and legal components.

Productive business in Chile

  1. Production and commercialization of TAPCells.
  2. Medical Care of foreign patients in Chile through private clinics.
  3. Development of technology transfer agreements and commercial development with clinics and specialized centers in Latin America.

Global technology business

To sell the technology in the biotechnology global market.

Valorize and sell the technology in different stages of development. Currently, Phase II clinical trial. The next step is to perform a Phase III clinical trial in the US or another country with similar characteristics, such as Australia in order to get the FDA approval and golablly validate the technology. Each stage or each advance involves creating value in an exponential progression.

Need of Investment

  • Production facilities in Chile.
  • Business development in Latin America.
  • Business infrastructure.
  • Business-oriented human resources.
  • FDA regulatory validation.
  • International licensing arrangements.