Oncobiomed Advanced Cell Technology Inc.

Oncobiomed is a biotechnology company focused on developing, commercializing, transferring and licensing technology associated with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Oncobiomed was founded in 2005 as a spin-off company originally from the University of Chile, with the purpose of boosting innovation in the field of cancer immunotherapy as TAPCells (Tumor Antigen-Presenting Cells).

TAPCells is an antitumor technology that can be used against melanoma, prostate cancer and in some cases against colon and renal cell cancer. In the case of melanoma, this therapy has been studied in two phases I and II clinical trials, whose results have been published in high impact scientific journals.

Based on the TAPCells trademark, Oncobiomed and the University of Chile are part of a Consortium in order to globally validate and license technology and its derivatives.

Oncobiomed has focused on seeking investment, technology transfer and commercialization of the therapeutic TAPCells kit.

2015 Oncobiomed establishes a strategic alliance with Fraunhofer Chile through the award of an Innova Corfo Project for the technological development of a second oncology product for the treatment of cancer

2015 Chile grants patent technology TAPCells®

2014 Oncobiomed and Universidad de Chile signed a licensing agreement for the TAPCells technology transfer for national and international market

2014 Israel grants patent technology TAPCells®

2014 TAPCells is presented as a success story in the book “based on scientific knowledge Innovation” published by the Chilean Academy of Sciences

2012 México grants patent technology TAPCells®

2012 Australia grants patent technology TAPCells®

2012 New Zealand grants patent technology TAPCells®

2012 Oncobiomed starts an Corfo Innova project for the technological packaging of the TAPCells® technology



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