TAPCells is a biotechnological innovation in the form of a cancer vaccine, packaged as a therapeutic kit containing 4 doses. TAPCells is designed to treat melanoma and prostate cancer. However, it is possible to replicate the biological basis of this technology to treat other cancers, such as breast, colon and gastric cancer.

TAPCells is a technology included in the group of therapies generically known as immunotherapy. Immunotherapy uses biotechnology techniques to manipulate, activate or stimulate the immune system in order to cure a certain group of diseases. Broadly speaking, it means stimulating the immune system of patients to obtain a reaction against pathogens or a tumor that cause the disease.


With more than two hundred treated patients, the TAPCells immune therapy does not cause side effects other than mild adverse events, similar to an inoculation with a conventional vaccine.

The TAPCells treatment in stage IV melanoma patients has sown an increase of the survival of the responder group